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    How can I check the balance on my Amazon gift card?

    The best way to assess your Amazon gift card balance on desktop

    Log into your account and from the site, hover on Accounts & Lists, click"Your Account." Click"Your Account" from the accounts menu. ...

    Click on the box that says"Gift Cards." ...amazon.com/redeem

    You will soon be taken to a page where you could view your gift card balance, in addition to recent trades using Amazon GiftCards .

    How can I redeem my Amazon gift card?

    Once You redeem an Amazon. Com Donation Card or gift voucher into your account, the funds are stored within Your Account and will automatically connect with a next eligible purchase.


    To redeem a gift card:

    Find the claim code.

    Proceed to Redeem a Gift Card amazon.com/redeem

    Input your claim code and choose Apply to Your Balance.

    How can I redeem an Amazon gift card using an unreadable code?

    In the event the maintain code in your Amazon. Com Present Card is unreadable, contact us.


    you will need to give us the following advice:

    The 16- or 30-digit sequential number of this card.

    Purchase number (if known).

    Purchaser's name and receiver's name.

    Email address or physical address to that the gift card has been delivered.

    Could I check Amazon gift card balance without an account?

    Amazon has updated their system in order that you can assess the balance without using it into your accounts . As part of this regular'Redeem Gift Card' system, it now gives us the substitute for applying the giftcard or just to check its own balance without using it amazon.com/redeem